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Broker | Investment advisor | Fund manager

About our Company

We are a
Broker | Investment advisor | Fund manager

In this fast-paced and dynamic world that we live in today, new technologies and innovations are continually emerging and stakeholders’ expectations evolving. In the capital markets, the need to bridge the gap between individuals and entities seeking capital and those holding this capital is growing and gaining new urgency as opportunities come and pass very fast. Successes for enterprises and nations will not only be greatly determined by how effectively and quickly they are able to bridge this gap, but also by the values guiding the game as players complete this task.

We at Global Alpha Capital Ltd (Alpha Capital) aim to help Clients and Partners bridge this gap with practices that are in line with our core values, including strict observance of ethical behaviour. These values have been at the centre of our team selection and we look forward to bringing something important to the market.

As a full-service Broker and Investment Advisor licensed by the CMSA, we provide our clients with a wide range of services from the traditional broker-dealer services such as trade execution, research, and investment advisory, sponsoring companies for listings on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and retirement planning services to more specific consultancy services such as preparation of funding proposals, fund arrangement, financial product structuring, investment policy, business plans, risk management, and financial sector related training. Our goal is to deepen capital markets for the benefit of the Tanzanian Economy by forming meaningful and ethical partnerships.

What We Do

Global Alpha Capital Limited (Alpha Capital) is a private company registered in January 2021 in Tanzania. The team is full of professionals with expertise in local and international capital markets, public policy, taxation, project management, and risk management among others. The team at Alpha Capital brings together many years of first-hand experience in each of these areas. Specialty skills in resource mobilization, corporate finance, and public sector experience gained over decades of public service in senior positions are some of the strengths depicted by Alpha Capital.

Our Core Values

Honesty and Integrity

Observe Justice and Equality in dealing with all customers and relevant authorities / stakeholders.

Distinction and Creativity

Adopt and implement distinctive standards in all aspects of our work..

Continual Improvement

Permanent review of the performance and adoption of best global practices.


Disclose all information in an accurate, fast, and instant way to all relevant parties. Consultation with strategic partners and receiving feedback on our services and take it into consideration to reach the premier service standards


Optimal use of available resources and achieving objects at the lowest cost and the shortest possible time.

Attention for Staff

Raising efficiency of employees, maintaining a professional working environment and enhancing teamwork.

A trusted market player built on honesty, integrity, and mutual respect, always focused on maximizing the relevant assistance to clients in pursuing their goals.

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